Blogging with Ghost

One of the main shortcomings with Ghost Blog is with navigation and organization. Actually, it's a problem I've noticed with all blogs in that articles that are multi-part are nearly impossible to read in consecutive order unless the author specifically links the series together. You might have noticed too, googling a subject, landing on the second part of a series, the author references the prior post and says "stay tuned for part three..." and you can't figure out how to get either. Annoying.

I'd like to see the tag system and the navigation system on Ghost updated to:

  • Use auto populated drop lists (select lists) for selecting tags instead of hovering javascript menus; you can't tab or key through the list, you have to use a mouse.
  • Add sub-tags, tags which are organized by parent child relationships
  • Add sub-navigation that opens sub tags in tree structure

Perhaps I'll write something to do this, but I don't want to modify core files and the API isn't out yet. Soon, I hope.


Another thing about the tag system; it's kind crappy. Posts should show their tags in the Content list as well as the preview window. It's easy enough to forget to add tags to posts as is, then having to go through the posts, open the settings window to check if they're tagged is annoying. I could imagine this being a nightmare to prolific writers.