My Yamaha FZR 600

Just a quick post about my bike, a 1995 Yamaha FZR600 that I purchased, non-operational, from a friend of a friend. $750, about $150 for a new battery, tune up bits and chemicals, and a thorough carb cleaning later, she runs like a champ. I've added additional bits, adjustable aftermarket R6 levers, lowering dogbones and fancy mirrors. The fork had an oil change and springs cut, the front brakes had the fluid changed as part of installing the new levers.

The stock levers were long and without much leverage. The clutch operation was stiff and with a tiny little window of engagement. Was almost like a light switch. The R6 levers make the clutch much lighter to operate with a wide range of movement between on and off. A huge improvement.

Note that this is my first bike and I've never ridden a motorcycle before. Lowering the bike and adding the new levers made the biggest difference in shortening the learning curve and improving confidence. Being able to securely plant your feet, not getting hand cramps when practicing standing starts, what a huge difference.

Future upgrades and modifications:

  • Stiffen the fork more by cutting more coils and installing new, longer spacers
  • Low profile LED turns lights
  • Integrated tail light
  • Trim the rear panels or apply black decals to reduce the appearance of the panel profile. They look too fat.
  • R6 rear shock
  • Repaint the wheels gloss black. Or strip and polish. Or black with polished lip. Options...