On the job in Oakland

Back in Oakland for a little job cleaning up virus infected pc's. Nothing fancy to write about, just a few observations:

  • McAfee doesn't scan for malware. Browser hijacks and adware.
  • Corporate networks should have tight, well defined security policies
  • Multi layer security protocols are required: content blocking at the firewall, smart dns that blocks known malware domains, central management system for AV/AM, dedicated AV and AM.

The network is reporting pc's with suspicious activities. Mostly, traffic to and from ad networks. Users are probably installing software they shouldn't be, games, chat apps, etc, as well as visiting sites that are probably dropping payloads. We can't possibly keep pulling and replacing pc's that show in the report; repeat offenders are showing, new pc's are showing daily...

Anyway, Oakland is fun, found a great hipster bar in the east end called the Kona Club. Thanks to a friend for showing me that place.

Skates on the Bay is still pushing out terrific seafood. Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe seems to have raised their prices. Boo. Comal is a great mexican place with a cute sous chef. Good times...